Spring Multiple Choice Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and Experienced

Spring is a lightweight programming language of HTML and the Web. It is designed for creating network-centric applications. It is complimentary to and integrated with Java. JavaScript is very easy to implement because it is integrated with HTML. It is open and cross-platform. Skill of HTML is very much required for entry-level as well as for senior web developer position. We can create dynamic web pages using HTML and Java Script. Here you will find a list of common important questions on Java Script in objective multiple choice question (MCQ) style with answer. The following section consists of objective multiple choice questions and answers (mcq) on Java Script.

Q.1 : Which of the following is correct assertion about spring?

(A) Spring enables developers to develop enterprise-class applications using POJOs.

(B) Spring is organized in a modular fashion.

(C) Testing an application written with spring is simple because environment-dependent code is moved into this framework.

(D) All of above.

Correct Answer : ( D )

Q.2 : Can we inject value and ref both together in a bean?

(A) true

(B) false

(C) both

(D) none

Correct Answer : ( A )

Q.3 : If a bean can be created any number of times, what is scope

(A) session

(B) global-session

(C) prototype

(D) request

Correct Answer : ( C )

Q.4 : Which is the correct implementation class of BeanFactory?

(A) XmlBeanFactory

(B) ClassPathBeanFactory

(C) FileSystemBeanFactory

(D) AdvancedBeanFactory

Correct Answer : ( A )